Mazda B2200 Years

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Mazda B2200

The Mazda B2200 is one of their popular trucks and equipped with a 2.2 liter in-line four engine, which makes it both economical and practical. You use your little truck to haul everything from debris to camping gear, and you want your truck to continue to perform for you, so you take great care of it.

Alternator - You need your battery to be able to hold a charge, so you keep the alternator in good shape. Whether you need the brush set, rectifier, bearings or a brand new alternator, we have the right part for your truck.

Engine - The 4-cylinder engine will continue to give you great gas mileage if you take care of it. That means that you may need to change a cover gasket or replace a tensioner. When you do, we have those parts and others like camshafts, timing belts, pulleys, valve covers and oil filters.

Clutch - The clutch changes gears for you, and without it, you are not going anywhere. That is why you may need to replace worn out parts like the flywheel, disc or plate. We carry all the parts you need to get your clutch or drive shaft back to new.

If you are replacing any of the parts on your Mazda 2200, you want OEM parts that are going to fit just like the factory parts. When you order from you'll get just that, so order online today!