OEM Mazda B2200 Parts and Accessories

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The 1989 Mazda B2200 included a 2.6L engine that came with either a manual or an automatic transmission. This little truck is a good choice when you need a truck for light jobs like hauling brush or moving. You take good care of your truck and change the oil regularly. You also buy OEM Mazda parts when you need new parts because OEM parts are made to last.

Cooling System – When your engine starts to overheat, the thermostat monitors the temperature and helps the engine stay cool. A bad thermostat can cause your engine to overheat. We have replacement cooling system parts like thermostats, radiators and hoses.

Brakes – The brakes are needed to stop the vehicle. As part of your regular maintenance, you need to change the brake pads. We have brake pads, rotors and calipers.

Cargo Management – A truck gives you a lot of room for storage, and a cargo management system keeps it all organized. We have bed liners, cargo nets and more.

We offer free parts lookups to help you get the right part for your Mazda. We also have a no hassle return policy, so shop with confidence. Order your Mazda truck parts today.