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The versatile Mazda B2200 was part of a series of trucks from Mazda in the mid to late 1980s. Unfortunately, Mazda stopped production on the B Series trucks in the late 1990s. These 2.2-liter trucks were well received and very popular with those who needed a smaller truck for light hauling. Since these diesel-powered trucks are out of production, you’ll want to ensure that any replacement parts you use are genuine OEM Mazda parts like those found at  REALMazdaParts.com.

At some point, you may need to replace some suspension components on your truck, especially if you travel on rutted or bumpy roads that can cause suspension damage. Your replacement parts should be genuine OEM parts if you want the fit and performance that Mazda specified. We offer OEM suspension parts for your B2200, so you know you are getting a good fit for your truck. Manufactured to fit all the bolt holes and made to factory standards for a long life, RealMadazaParts.com stocks a large number of B2200 parts and accessories. We miss the B series trucks, so we will continue to make sure that you can enjoy yours.

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