Mazda Miata Exhaust Videos - Fan Favorites

Who says only big cubic inch engines are the only ones that sound mean? Certainly not anyone who owns a Miata! Here are some of the coolest Miata exhaust clips on the net!

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Stock vs. Borla Exhaust

This Miata starts out sounding pretty darn good, but the Borla doesn't give it a beefier note! Most clips around the web are just the after, this is a good way to compare with the before as well. So turn your speakers up and listen up! Then get more Miata here.

Miata With Top Speed Pro 1 Exhaust

The user states that he bought this exhaust on eBay 6 months ago and it certainly has a growl to it. While it sounds really good, the best part of this video is watching what it takes to get a lowered car over the slightest of dips in the road.

Stock vs. Magnaflow

Here's another good comparison video. This Miata started off very quiet and was really awakened by an intake and exhaust swap!

Miata Exhaust Under Various Pulls

For a complete range of exhaust notes, this video offers a lot of sounds from a stock and aftermarket exhaust. It goes through different gears and speeds for a full perspective of the car's exhaust notes.

Miata With 3" Straight Pipe

Who needs mufflers? Not this guy! This Miata owner went all in and put the biggest piece of pipe he could *likely* fit under the car.

Miata Racing Exhaust Sounds

This is a super fun video of a Miata idling, drifting, and accelerating to high speeds. It's both entertaining to watch and listen to! (Find a list of Miata races here.)

The Perfect Sounding Miata...According To The Owner

We'll let you decide if this is perfect sounding or not, but we agree it's a pretty sick setup! This Miata is outfitted with Raceland headers, the stock catalytic converters, 2.25" exhaust piping from cats to muffler, a knockoff Magnaflow muffler, and a black Magnaflow tip.

Inside The Car Sounds

This video is really cool because it takes you inside the car to listen to the exhaust. The driver goes through various driving conditions and gears -- it all sounds pretty good!

We Saved The Wildest For Last

Here's the most extreme setup on the list! This 1.6L Miata is running 17 psi on the turbo setup with a hood exit exhaust. The video really speaks for itself.

Hopefully, some of these videos gave you a little inspiration, if not some serious entertainment!