A Side Mirror Buyer's Guide For Mazda Owners

Got a broken Mazda side mirror without a clear idea of how to deal with it? This guide is for you. It answers the most common questions Mazda owners have about replacing a side mirror or its components.

How Much Will it Cost to Replace My Mazda Side Mirror?

This is the first question everyone asks. The answer is it depends on a bunch of factors. They include availability, complexity of the side mirror assembly, and whether you're planning on doing it yourself or taking it to a dealer. This guide covers all the factors that determine the cost of a side mirror replacement and shows you how to put together an accurate cost estimate.

How Do I Replace My Side Mirror?

White mazda mirror

To replace your side mirror, you just need masking tape, a pair of gloves, a socket wrench, a replacement side mirror assembly, and this tutorial. The process is so easy that even a beginner can pull it off. It involves removing a small panel inside your car door and unfastening a few bolts.

Can I Just Replace My Mazda's Side Mirror Glass?

If your side mirror glass appears to be the only component that’s broken, you can certainly replace it instead of the whole assembly. You still have to determine that the rest of the assembly is in good working order, though. This tutorial has all the information you need. It includes instructions on checking the rest of the assembly and the necessary steps to replace just the glass.

Can I Just Replace My Mazda's Side Mirror Cover?

Are your side mirror glass and the inner components still intact, but is the cover damaged? You can look into replacing it, but it’s a pretty complicated project. This article explores the pros and cons of replacing just the cover and offers a solution that could be better: replacing the entire assembly.