How Much Does A Mazda Side Mirror Replacement Cost?

Mazda side mirror

We get this question from our customers often. So we thought laying out all the costs in one blog post would be helpful. The short answer is anywhere from $100 to over $400, depending on:

  • Availability: The general rule of thumb is that the more common your Mazda model is, the cheaper your OEM replacement side mirror will be.
  • Complexity of the mirror: Some side mirror assemblies come with all the bells and whistles. Heated, power folding mirrors with turn signals and a blind spot monitor are the most complex. Others are as basic as they come. Depending on which Mazda you own, you may have several different assemblies to choose from. Some are more complicated than others. The more basic assemblies are usually cheaper. An even more cost-saving option may be to replace the cover alone, depending on the mirror design.
  • Whether you fix it at home or have a Mazda dealer make the repair for you: Doing it at home is typically cheaper because:
    • 1) You don’t have to pay for labor (but it’s still a good idea to take the value of your own time into consideration)
    • 2) You’ll save money on the OEM replacement side mirror assembly by purchasing from an online seller like Real Mazda Parts. Online retailers offer great pricing on OEM parts.

Now you have an idea of what goes into the total cost of replacing the side mirror on your Mazda. So, let’s talk about the first step: getting an OEM replacement side mirror.

What Your OEM Mazda Replacement Side Mirror May Cost

Do a search on your Mazda's year and model here and take a look at all the mirror assemblies available for your car. You’ll get a good price range for your car.

For example, there are about 8 different side mirror assemblies available for the 2017 Mazda 3. They range in price between $95 and $200. The cheapest one (part no. BACR-69-121A) is heated but doesn’t come with a turn signal. Some of the more expensive ones do come with turn signals.

DIY Vs. Shop/Dealership Replacement

Open mazda mirror

Image credit: crxgsr

If you have the right basic tools, a good tutorial, and couple of hours to spare, then you can replace the side mirror yourself.

Is it the best option, though? You can answer that question if you weigh the cost of having a Mazda dealer make the repair against the cost of fixing it yourself.

A good way to calculate the cost of having a dealer make the repair is to first mark up the replacement side mirror assembly of your choice by 30%. Then add $100 for labor.

If you replace it yourself, you have to factor in your cost for mirror assembly plus the hourly value of your time. If you’re experienced, expect the project to take up to one hour. If you’re inexperienced, then one to two hours would be a safe bet.

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