How Cool Is It To Take A Mazda Off-Roading?

When you think of Mazdas, the last thing that probably comes to your mind is off-roading. With the right amount of ambition, modifications, and guts, you can get your Mazda to a good level as an off-roader. You’re likely skeptical at this point, and we don’t blame you. That’s why we put together these videos and pictures of off-roading done right - thanks to Mazda.

Mazda Miata Buggy Shows Off In The Mud

This crazy Miata buggy has no problem tearing it up in the water, mud, and turf. It handles the terrain with stride, so it’s no doubt it spends a good amount of time playing in the dirt. Although, the thought of tearing a Miata down like this is a little gut-wrenching!

Mazda CX-5 Off-Road Test

Mazda Australia (naturally) put a CX-5 through a genuine off-road test. Keep in mind, this is clearly not a course set up to baby the CX-5, this is a real off-road setting and the CX-5 does just fine. (See our favorite CX-5 accessories here.)

Mazda Tribute Takes A Little Dip

It might not be extreme, but this Tribute has no problem handling a little roll through a deep muddy puddle. This is a good example of how to drive through low traction conditions as the driver gained momentum and didn’t brake going into the puddle.

Having Fun In The Snow

To be fair, there is a road there somewhere. But we’re going to count this in because we didn’t see a glimpse of pavement. While this isn’t exactly a show of off-road capabilities, the driver never lost control during his romp in the thick snow.

Ride Onboard This Off-Roading Competition

If you have 10 minutes to kill today, check out this video of a Mazda B2500 rolling through some difficult conditions. Almost right away, it seems the truck is doomed, but makes a pretty speedy recovery and keeps going. This cool video gives you a driver’s perspective of what it’s like to travel through rough terrain.

These Mazdas did just fine leaving the beaten path, some even seemed to relish in it. Off-roading in your Mazda probably isn’t a high priority, but with the right driver (and a few mods in some cases), it's definitely possible!

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