Off-Road Ready Mazda B-Series Trucks

Are you ready to taste the sweet air of the unadulterated road? Does your heart yearn to leave the beaten path? If you own a Mazda B-Series truck, you’re mostly prepared to get there. To inspire you to turn your Mazda B-Series into a trail dominator, here’s a collection of off-road ready B-Series trucks.

B series 1

This Mazda truck is waiting for the pack to catch up.

B series 2

This 1994 B-Series truck is 4x4 equipped and wondering when it gets to hit the mud pits again.

B series 3

It looks so clean, it would be a shame to take this B4000 off-road, wouldn’t it? Nah!

B series 4

Did anyone drop something in this pit? Because this truck is happy to go retrieve it for you.

B series 1

Lifted and ready to rock, this 1989 B2600 could be the ultimate off-roader.

B series 7

This Mazda truck is relatively untouched, but it shouldn’t have a problem with light terrain.

B series 8

A little lift, some new wheels, and beefy tires is all you really need to do some off-roading.

B series 9

Of course, some nice off-road lights and a bull guard won’t hurt anything either.

B series 10

At the end of the day, all you need is a little road and your Mazda truck.

Whether you’re hitting the trails or driving to work, make sure you’re using the right parts for your B-Series. As these trucks begin to get some mileage under their belts, they need regular maintenance and repair. Get your OEM Mazda parts here.