Mazda Headlamp Buyer's Guide

We get asked about OEM Mazda headlights pretty often. So we decided to put together a comprehensive guide for Mazda owners looking to replace their headlights. Below are the 5 most common headlight-related questions our customers ask us, followed by detailed answers.

1. What’s Included in a Mazda Headlight Assembly?

A Mazda headlight assembly contains various components, including bulbs, a housing, a control box, and more. A full list of Mazda headlight assembly components can be found here.


All OEM headlight assemblies are designed to serve as a direct replacement on Mazda vehicles. Even the nuts and screws are included. So when you buy a replacement headlight assembly, you’ll have everything you need on hand to replace your bad headlight.

2. How Much Does a Mazda Headlight Assembly Cost?

There’s no set price for all Mazda headlight assemblies. Some cost more than others due to a more complex design. You can find more information on this here.

Also, the cost depends on where you buy it. Repair shops and Mazda dealerships usually mark up the price by about 30%. You can save quite a bit of money if you buy from a reputable online seller of OEM Mazda parts, like us.

We offer deep discounts for OEM parts. You can check out the headlight assemblies we have available here or in this list of our best sellers:

There are some aftermarket headlight assemblies that may be cheaper. However, we don’t recommend getting one because aftermarket headlights don’t always work great.

3. What Could Go Wrong With Aftermarket Headlights?

With a set of aftermarket headlights on your Mazda, you’re likely to run into some problems, including:

  • Early failure
  • Poor fitment
  • Subpar performance
  • Decreased illumination

Aftermarket headlights are commonly built with inferior materials, and they don’t fit quite as well as OEM ones do. This can lead to increased costs in the long run. Read more about aftermarket headlights and why getting one is not a good idea here.

4. How Can I Replace a Mazda Headlight Assembly?

Depending on the Mazda model you have, you might need to remove the bumper cover before you can replace the headlight assembly. You can either find a model-specific tutorial or follow this one, which is specifically for the Mazda 3 model.

Got any more questions that were not covered in this guide? Feel free to contact us!