3 Reasons to Get Mazda OEM Headlights Instead of Aftermarket Headlights

If you need to replace your Mazda headlights, you may be wondering whether to get an OEM or aftermarket replacement headlamp assembly.

If you take into account quality, cost, warranty, and fitment, OEM is obviously the better choice. Below we will discuss each feature in more detail.

Blue mazda light

1. Quality

Mazda ensures that all of its parts, including its headlights, are built with the highest quality materials. Aftermarket headlights are typically built with inferior materials, which can lead to a bunch of problems.

2. Cost

A lot of aftermarket headlights are sold at low prices, which makes them pretty tempting. However, we don’t recommend getting one because aftermarket headlights usually cost more money in the long run. Aftermarket headlights typically don’t last as long as OEM headlights. And if they fail, chances are high they won’t be covered by warranty and you’ll have to buy a whole new headlight assembly.

When it comes to the replacement cost, OEM headlights are slightly more expensive upfront. However, when you factor in longevity, OEM headlights are cheaper.

3. Fitment

Mazda put it best when they wrote: “OEM Mazda parts are crafted from the same blueprints as the original parts, made to fit your Mazda model perfectly and guaranteed to perform.”

When it comes to replacing parts on your car, fitment is incredibly important. The right fitment ensures longevity, reliability, and durability. Aftermarket headlights are copies of the original, meaning they may not fit as well.

How to Find the Right OEM Headlamp Assembly For Your Mazda


Another advantage OEM headlights have over aftermarket headlights is that the right part number is so easy to find. When you shop for an aftermarket replacement headlight assembly, you have to conduct tons of research beforehand. You’ll have to research the brand, quality, fitment, and more. The research can easily take up a lot of your time.

Shopping for an OEM replacement headlamp assembly takes only a few minutes. Mazda has an extensive database of OEM headlights. You just have to find the part number specifically created for your Mazda. To do this, look up your Mazda in our catalog of headlamp assemblies.

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