Test Yourself: How Many Mazdas Can You Identify From The Back?

You’re a total Mazda fanatic. You’ve driven every model they’re ever made. All your friends ask you for help wrenching on their Mazdas. You’re good - really good - but are you good enough to identify these Mazda’s from the back? Sure, the front is easy, but we bet you’ll find this quiz to be a little bit more challenging. 

Don’t cheat! Write your answers down and scroll all the way down for the answers.

No. 1

Mazda guess1

No. 2

Mazda guess2

No. 3

Mazda guess3

No. 4

Mazda guess4

No. 5

Mazda guess5

Don’t keep scrolling unless you’ve answered them all! When you’re ready, scroll down to see how you did. Are you as good as you think? Find out now.

Mazda No. 1:

Mazda 3 rear


Mazda No. 2:

Mazda6 rear


Mazda No. 3:

MX5 rear


Mazda No. 4:

RX8 rear


Mazda No. 5:

cx5 rear


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