The Mazda Protege5 of Your Dreams

Dream Protege5 1

Every now and then, you see a car you just can’t ignore. A machine that combines looks, sleekness, and power all in one. That’s what you’ll find when you check out this awesome find!

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Dream Protege5 2

So, what’s so special about this 2002 Mazda Protege5? For one, it’s just a really well built car, not to brag too much on Mazda, but it really is a nice design.

Dream Protege5 3

The owner of this particular one has taken excellent care of it, it’s mind blowing to know that it’s over 10 years old and still looks brand new.

Dream Protege5 4

However, as soon as you take a peek under the hood of this Mazda, you’ll realize it’s not just all looks!

Dream Protege5 5

Under the hood Is:

  • 2002 Mazda Protege Turbo Engine Mazda FS 2.0L
  • Aluminum Head
  • Iron Block
  • Pauter Rods Arias Pistons
  • …and plenty more!

Dream Protege5 6

Dream Protege5 7

According to the page, the car is making 403 horsepower and weighs only 2,280 pounds, so it’s a pretty serious car.

Dream Protege5 8

Dream Protege5 9

Other mods include:

  • Sparco pedals and steering wheel
  • Tein shocks
  • Haltech performance chip
  • Apex exhaust
  • Once wheels with Yokohama tires
  • Auto Meter gauges

Dream Protege5 10

This car is a complete package, it’s got a great platform and the owner has beefed it up a good bit.