10 Custom Mazda 3s That Will Amaze You

The Mazda 3 is a pretty cool car -- full of versatility and creature comforts. You may have not considered buying parts to modify your Mazda 3 before. But we've compiled ten awesome modified Mazda 3s that may have you running out to buy parts to modify your car! Check them out:

Custom Mazda3 1

The body kit on this Mazda 3, plus the paint job make this one mean looking ride.

Custom Mazda3 2

With the wheels and few other subtle mods, this Mazda 3 looks like it might get some positive attention at car meets.

Custom Mazda3 3

This Mazda 3 is a little bit intimidating with the paint scheme and colors.

Custom Mazda3 4

The driver of this Mazda 3 decided to go bold with their ride! This pink and black Mazda 3 is a head turner.

Custom Mazda3 5

While not quite as bold as a pink and black build, this Mazda 3 is very eye catching.

Custom Mazda3 6

This blacked out and red accented Mazda 3 looks bad to the bone!

Custom Mazda3 7

While you're not likely to see this rolling around on the road, this slammed wide body Mazda 3 is a work of art.

Custom Mazda3 8

For a more subtle build, this Mazda 3 has a lot to offer. From the paint job, to the wheels, and lots in between, it's a car anyone would be proud to bring to a meet.

Custom Mazda3 9

This is no hiding in this multi-color Mazda 3, which makes it one bold car.

Custom Mazda3 10

While this Mazda 3 looks pretty good, we have it on good authority that it's also a pretty nasty street car - making it the best of many worlds.

We hope you've found some inspiration to take your Mazda 3 to the next level!