OEM Mazda 3 Parts and Accessories

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You love your Mazda 3 because it is economical, practical and fun to drive. No matter how much you care for your car, there are going to be parts that need to be repaired or replaced. When you do need parts, you want to buy only parts that are made to fit. At RealMazdaParts.com, we have the same factory parts as you would expect to find in your Mazda 3, including replacement wheels and other parts such as:

Climate Control - Keeping your engine is cool is the job of the radiator; keeping you cool is the job of the air conditioning system in your Mazda. Sometimes AC parts wear out and need replacement. Whether you need a compressor on an evaporator, we have the factory parts you need to stay cool.

Shift KnobGearshift knobs are built tough and will probably last the lifetime of your Mazda 3. However, if you’re thinking about changing it out for a new look or if it’s showing signs of wear, be sure you use an OEM replacement.

Muffler - A muffler with a hole is not only noisy, it can keep your car from running efficiently. The replacement muffler you choose for your 3 needs to be one that is made specifically for your car. We have the properly fitting muffler for your Mazda 3.

Whether you are doing regular maintenance, replacing a broken part, or shopping for an accessory such as a roof rack or floor mats, you will find the right part for your vehicle here. Use our search function to find the right part for your Mazda 3.