Mazda 3 Hacks

With its sharp handling and comfortable interior, your Mazda 3 is an affordable all-around reliable vehicle—not to mention a good looker. Whether the inside’s getting a little cluttered or some small scratches are beginning to appear on the doors, these easy hacks will have your Mazda 3 look good and feeling even better in no time:

1. Remove Dents on Your Car with Dry Ice

Dry Ice Hack

The gentle application of dry ice can take care of small dents like your Mazda 3 takes care of winding roads. Just make sure to wear protective gloves to save your fingers. If you're not too excited about dry ice, check out these lower door moldings under part number BN8P-V3-100F-34 to help prevent dents from happening in the first place.

2. Use Toothpaste to Clean Hazy Headlights

Headlight scratch hack

Toothpaste cleans your teeth, so why shouldn’t it work for headlights? Simply squeeze some paste onto the headlight, gently rub it in with a rag, and then wash off the residue. Presto! Sparking clean.

3. Cut Up Half a Pool Noodle to Prevent Door Dings

Pool Noodle hack

If you’ve ever accidentally slammed your car door against the garage wall, raise your hand! If you didn’t raise your hand, you’re either lying or have a giant garage. In any case, cutting a foam pool noodle in half and screwing it into the wall will keep your car door free of scrapes and dents at the expense of the wall. If, for some reason, you’re against pool noodles or you want something more permanent, these edge guards offer ultimate protection from dings.

4. Use a Shoe Organizer for Car Organization

Shoe Organizer Hack

If you're going on a road trip, you know your toddler is going to want to bring Mr. Tuddles, some snacks, and a water bottle. You also know that you have to bring along some extra wipes, ear plugs, and that book you’ve been meaning to finish. To keep everything from spreading all over your car, just drape a shoe organizer over the front seat for some easy-peasy organization. If a shoe organizer isn't your jam (or is being used to...ya know, organize shoes), check out this cargo holder under part number 000-8S-L04.

5. Use a Shower Caddy to Hold Food

Shower caddy hack

No copilot? No problem. Shower caddies are an affordable option to hold to-go meals securely and close by for your next outing. Keep in mind that if you're going to be munching in your car, crumbs will inevitably fall to the floor. To protect your Mazda3's carpet, make sure your floor mats stay secure with some floor mat clips under part number 1F70-68-665.

6. Use Hand Sanitizer to De-Ice a Car Lock

Frozen lock hack

99.9% effective on germs, 100% effective on pesky ice. Alcohol based sanitizers quickly break down ice on door handles for easy entry. Otherwise a reliable car cover will keep the elements at bay so ice doesn’t build up on the paint or the handle. Part number 0000-8J-L21 will do the trick!

7. Use a Rubber Band to Mount your Phone

Phone Mount hack

Looking at a map while driving is dangerous. Instead, utilize a rubber band for this makeshift hands-free system on your heat vent. While you’re at it, pick up an audio cable under part number 0000-8F-Z08 so you can jam to your favorite tunes, too.

8. Use a Plastic Putty Knife & Goo Remover to Remove Stickers

Putty knife hack

Maybe you bought your Mazda 3 with a Raiders sticker on the rear window, and you’re a Broncos fan. Or maybe last year’s parking sticker just won’t peel off. In these and similar cases, goo remover and a putty knife should take care of the residue.