OEM Mazda CX-5 Parts and Accessories

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Mazda CX5 modelThe Mazda CX-5 is a great little cross-over SUV that rivals any other hybrid alternative. That is why you chose it and why you take great care of it. You follow all the manufacturer's suggested maintenance and check up schedules. Whether you're installing a new roof rack, looking for a trailer hitch, or purchasing a cargo net, we have all the parts you need.

Locks - Whether you need a door lock or a lock for the hatchback, we have all the hardware you need to fix a broken lock. We carry parts that are designed just for your CX-5, so you know that they will fit and work as they should.

Cooling System - From hoses to a radiator, we have all the parts that are needed to keep the engine cool in your SUV. We even carry belts, pulleys and the tensioner to make sure all the parts keep moving.

Maintenance - It does not matter if you are changing the fluids or replacing a wheel on your CX-5, we have all the filters, pans, parts or fluids you need - all made to the highest OEM standards.

We have everything you need to keep your Mazda CX-5 cross-over running as efficiently as Mazda designed it. All our parts are made for a proper fit. You can start shopping at RealMazdaParts.com.