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Mazda B2600

The Mazda B2600 was introduced in 1988, and it came with a much more powerful 2.6 liter, fuel-injected, four-cylinder engine for more performance while maintaining great gas mileage. You like your truck because it does have some extra power while giving you the ability to haul tools, lawn trimmings and even sporting equipment around town. You maintain it and replace worn out parts.

Starter - Without the starter, your B2600 is going nowhere, so you keep it repaired by replacing parts like the bearings, armature and brushes. We carry all the parts you need to repair your starter, and we carry new starters if you need to replace the entire part.

Transfer Case - It takes gears to go anywhere, so when they start to wear out, you will need to do some repairs. Whether you need to replace the seals or other transmission parts, we carry the right part for your B2600.

Rear Suspension - You will not get a good ride from your truck if the suspension is worn out. We carry all the parts you need to get a smooth ride. Whether you need an axle housing, shaft, backing plate or rear bushings, we have the right suspension part for your B2600.

When you order your replacement and repair parts from, you will speak with Mazda experts that are ready to help you with your parts needs. Find all the parts you need to continue to enjoy driving your B2600 today!