OEM Mazda CX-9 Parts and Accessories

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The 2013 Mazda CX-9 is part of the first-generation mid-sized crossover SUVs from Mazda. This vehicle was given a freshened-up face that included a new grill, headlights and restyled vents. This SUV doesn’t just look good, it’s safe. The standard electronic stability system keeps your wheels on the road, and the 3-row airbag system gives you confidence you’re your passengers are safe. You take good care of your CX-9 and buy only genuine factory Mazda parts when you need a new part.

Air Intake – Your vehicle needs clean air in order to run, and the air intake filters it into the engine compartment. This part can become clogged, so check it regularly. We carry air filters and other air intake parts.

Cargo Management – When you put your cargo in the back of your vehicle, a rubber cargo mat organizes your items and protects the carpet while a net keeps the cargo in place. We carry cargo management parts for your Mazda.

Exhaust – The exhaust on your Mazda sends burned fuel into the atmosphere, and that exhaust must be clean. Exhaust system parts like manifolds or mufflers may need replacement at some point. We carry these parts and more.

When you need new factory Mazda parts, shop our online catalog of OEM Mazda parts. You get wholesale pricing and free parts lookups too. Buy today.