OEM Mazda RX-8 Parts and Accessories

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The 2009 Mazda RX-8 is a sports car with a rotary engine that enthusiastically hums along while you press the gas and steer. The 2009 benefited from a 2008 mid-cycle refresh that included better gearing in the lower end and an improved suspension. All of the things that make you want to open it up on the highway. When you replace parts on your Mazda RX-8, you only use genuine OEM Mazda parts. These exact fit replacement parts keep your RX-8 performing.

Brakes – If you notice your vehicle pulling when you brake, you might have a problem with a rotor or a caliper. Check these as often as you change your brake pads to ensure that they’re in good working order. We stock pads, rotors, drums, calipers and brake lines.

Emissions Parts - The emission system is comprised of sensors and valves that are instrumental in removing pollutants from your exhaust. Because these parts are exposed to extreme heat, you may need to replace them. We carry sensors, catalytic converters, valves and more.

Ignition Parts – A bad starter will keep your engine from starting. This part takes a lot of abuse over the life of your vehicle, so you may need to replace it. We carry starters, ignition switches, keys and more ignition components for your Mazda.

When you shop at RealMazdaParts.com, you’re getting OEM Mazda parts that are made to meet the factory standards and specifications. We can assist you with free parts lookups in case you’re not sure what part you need. Shop for RX-8 parts today.