OEM Mazda B4000 Parts and Accessories

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The 1996 Mazda B4000 is a 4x4 built on the Ford Courier platform for Mazda. It was offered with a manual or automatic transmission and two body styles. We want to help you get years of enjoyment from your Mazda B4000, so we offer OEM Mazda parts that last as long as the original parts. Some of the replacement parts we stock include:

  • Engine – Your engine will last a long time, but as it ages, you may need to replace parts in it like pistons, cylinder covers and other mechanical parts. We carry a large selection of engine components to keep your B4000 on the road.
  • Suspension – A rough ride is an indication of a failing suspension part. Shocks and struts wear out, so if you are noticing all of the bumps in the road, you may need new suspension parts. We carry all the suspension parts you need.
  • Brakes – The brake system is instrumental in keeping you safe while you drive. A bad rotor can make it hard to stop, and pads wear out regularly. We carry replacement brake parts like these and more.

Our experienced parts staff will help you find the right part for your Mazda. We have free parts lookups and offer a no hassle return policy, so shop today.