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The 1995 Mazda MPV van was available with four or five doors and was offered with rear wheel drive or four-wheel drive. By buying only OEM Mazda parts for your van, you ensure that your MPV will last longer and offer better performance.

  • Cooling System – When you notice a temperature change in your engine, you may have a part of your cooling system starting to fail, like a radiator or water pump. We carry pumps, hoses and thermostats.
  • Power Windows – The power window regulators move the windows up and down. Should this part go bad, you might find your windows stuck open or closed. We have replacement regulators and other power parts.
  • Fuel Pump – If you notice your engine running like it isn't getting fuel and your gas gauge reads full, your fuel pump may be failing. We have replacement pumps, tanks and fuel lines.

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