OEM Mazda 626 Parts and Accessories

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The 1994 Mazda 626 is also known as the Capella. This year, the 626 was available as a hatchback, wagon and sedan. Since your 626 is a good way to haul groceries and still have a lot of room for the kids, you take good care of your 626 by doing all of the maintenance required. You also buy OEM Mazda parts when you need new parts.

Emissions System – The emission system on your Mazda keeps you from polluting by cleaning your exhaust and reusing what it can of it. These parts are sensitive and prone to failure, which will cause you to pollute more and lose engine performance. We have sensors, valves and pipes.
Sensors – The sensors on your vehicle measure details like the amount of oxygen in your exhaust or how rich your fuel mixture is. These parts wear out and when they do, you will lose efficiency. We have replacement sensors and other modules.
Suspension – The suspension on your vehicle makes your ride smooth. A worn shock will cause you to feel every bump in the road. We carry replacement shocks, struts and other suspension parts.

When you buy your OEM Mazda parts from us, you get our wholesale pricing and fast, affordable shipping that helps you save money. We also offer free parts lookups, so call us today.