OEM Mazda MX-3 Parts and Accessories

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The 1993 Mazda MX-3 was equipped with a V6 and was offered as an RS model. This sports car is something that you enjoy driving, so you take good care of it and only use OEM Mazda parts when you need to replace worn parts since they are exact fit replacement parts.

Oil Filters – The oil filter ensures that your fresh oil stays fresh longer. You do not want to send fresh oil through an old, dirty filter, so replace it when you change the oil. We have oil filters, air filters and fuel filters.

Emissions system – The emission system cleans the exhaust before it sends it out into the atmosphere, so you do not pollute. This system has sensors and other sensitive parts that can wear out. We have sensors, manifolds, pipes and more.

Brake pads – The brake pads on your vehicle stop the wheels from turning when you press the brake by grabbing the rotor. They are subject to extreme heat and wear. We have replacement pads, rotors and ABS parts.

Real Mazda Parts only carries genuine OEM Mazda parts, so the parts you receive from us will be the right fit and meet the factory specifications for performance and durability. We also offer free parts lookups, in order to help you get the right part. Our fast, affordable shipping means that you get your replacement parts fast. Order now.