OEM Mazda Miata Parts and Accessories

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The 1991 Mazda Miata is a roadster that was built on the same premise as the Lotus and Spitfire. Because this is such a fun car to drive, you make sure it's always in peak performance condition by using only OEM Miata parts. These parts are optimized to meet the standards for fit and performance by Mazda.

Ignition – The ignition engages the engine to get it to start. The ignition system has a number of parts that can wear out, so if you need a coil, starter or other part, we can help.

Drive Shaft – The drive shaft turns the wheels as you drive, and if anything goes wrong with the drive shaft, your vehicle not be able to move. We have the drive shaft and transmission parts for your Mazda.

Door Parts – The door is tough, but should you have problems with the locks or windows, you may need to replace parts in the door. We have power equipment, door handles and even whole doors.

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