OEM Mazda 626 Parts and Accessories

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The 1991 Mazda 626 is the last of the Japanese production line, and it had a new facelift that offered a sportier look. When you need new parts for your 626, you buy OEM 626 parts that are exact fit replacement parts.

Engine – The engine has a lot of moving parts in it. Some have to be replaced over time. Pistons can wear out or become damaged and heads can crack. We have heads, pistons and other engine parts.

Automatic Transmission – The automatic transmission make it easy to shift gears as you drive. A bad transmission can make it hard for your vehicle to shift. We have automatic and manual transmissions, pans and filters.

Air Intake – The air intake ensures that fresh air is delivered to the engine, which makes it perform at its peak. With a bad intake, the engine performance can suffer. We have air intakes and other performance parts.

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