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The 1990 Mazda MPV is a member of the van’s first generation and was listed as a Car and Driver Ten Best list for 1990. It was lauded for its fuel efficiency. Since it still saves you money on fuel, you do regular maintenance on your van to keep extending its life. Always buy OEM MPV parts for parts that last as long as the original parts.

Exhaust – The exhaust system sends burnt fuel into the atmosphere. It travels through pipes and mufflers before being expelled. We have replacement pipes, mufflers and manifolds.

Air Intake – The air intake system offers fresh air to your engine where it can mix with the fuel. A bad intake system can cause poor engine performance. We have intake parts for your vehicle.

Automatic Transmission – The transmission makes it easy to shift gears when you drive down the highway. You should change the transmission fluid and filter regularly. We have automatic and manual transmission parts, filters and more.

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