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The 1989 Mazda MPV van is a rear-wheel drive van that was designed for the American market and introduced this year. It was also available as a four-wheel drive. This van still takes your kids to school and your family on vacation, so you make sure to check the oil and filters regularly. When you need new parts, you buy OEM MPV parts. These parts are optimized to meet the standards of Mazda when it comes to performance.

Air Intake – The air intake system helps your engine run smoothly and efficiently. If there's a problem with the intake, your engine will run poorly. We have engine components like these and more.

Manual Transmission – The manual transmission is made up of a number of parts that can wear out over time. We have replacement transmission parts like clutches, pressure plates and more.

Emissions – The emission system ensures your vehicle does not pollute.If there's a problem with a sensor or other part, you may be polluting. We have replacement emission system parts.

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