OEM Mazda 626 Parts and Accessories

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The 1988 Mazda 626 is a mid-sized passenger car that was given some revisions for this edition. Mazda added a 2.0-liter FE motor and put larger bumpers on the body. The headlights were sealed and the GT turbo was introduced. When you need new parts for your 626, you buy OEM 626 parts because they are optimized to meet the factory standards.

A/C System – When you drive, you want to be comfortable and a working AC system is part of that comfort. If you are too hot, then the AC may not be working. We have replacement parts like compressors and condensers.

Drive Shaft – The drive shaft keeps the wheels turning as you go down the road. If there are any problems with the drive shaft, you may experience a shaking car or noise. We have drive shafts, axles and hubs.

Interior – In order to keep your vehicle’s value up, the interior must stay in good shape. Since interior parts like seats and trim wear out, replace them. We have interior parts like trim, seats, floor mats and more.

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