Common Door Replacement Parts For the Mazda

Door issues are not uncommon in older cars. The doors perform a number of tasks for your car and contain a number of moving components. Generally, these components fall into three categories:

  • Mechanical components like door locks and hinges
  • Electrical components including lights, window actuators, and switches for windows and door locks
  • Body and trim components like door panels, mirrors, and weather stripping

Fortunately, we carry a comprehensive list of these parts to help you fix any nagging issues. In this guide, we'll cover the common Mazda door replacement parts including what they do and where to find them.

Mechanical Door Parts

OEM Mazda Door

Mechanical door parts are the components that enable the physical movement and locking of the door. Common mechanical door parts on a Mazda include:

  • Door handles, both interior and exterior. Sometimes the door on your Mazda may fail to latch or won't open. This helpful guide provides more information on common door issues and what to look for.
  • Door latches - these parts experience some of the same issues as door handles. Sometimes spraying a silicone lubricant will solve the issues. But sometimes the latch needs to be replaced.
  • Window actuators - the window actuator is the metal frame that the glass window is mounted on. The actuator controls the movement of the window. Sometimes they get bent out of alignment and need adjustment or to be replaced.

Common Electrical Door Parts

OEM Mazda door switch

Electrical door parts power and light the components in your door. The most common electrical door parts on your Mazda include:

  • Light switches - doors have switches to turn the interior lights on or off when the door is opened in closed. Most cars also have a chime hooked up to that circuit to let you know your door is open, your lights are on, or you left your keys in the ignition. Sometimes these switches go bad and need to be replaced. The most common symptoms are interior lights that don't turn on or off.
  • Lights - most cars also have lights in the door, either to light the interior or on the outside mirror. In some instances, your Mazda may have additional lighting including a light projector or logo light showcasing your car. When a light fails it is usually due to a burned-out lightbulb or fuse.
  • Switches for power windows and locks - the most common location of window and door switches, as well as switches for power mirrors, is the interior door panel. Like other items, these switches can fail over time. However, if you have a problem with the door locks, it could also be a problem with your keyless remote. For help with keyless remote issues, check out this article.

Common Door Body Parts

OEM mazda door parts

Besides the door itself, there are several kinds of body parts for doors. These include:

  • Door guards and edge guards to protect your door from scratches or dings. If these parts get damaged, they can be fixed or replaced.
  • Sill trim plates that enhance the look of your car, and protect the paint on the door sill.
  • Mirrors - there are a lot of parts in the outside mirror including the mirror glass, mirror caps, and mirror cover. This article provides a good overview of the parts and what you'll need to fix a damaged mirror.

Other Common Mazda Door Replacement Parts

Mazda body parts

Besides the replacement parts, there are a number of other common parts that you may need when replacing something on your Mazda's door. Here are some of the ones to consider:

  • Door check nut - this part goes by different names but always serves the same purpose. It is a common nut used in many different areas of your Mazda to hold something in place. Nuts come loose over time and can get lost. This means sometimes your door problem may just require you to tighten the nuts or replace any that are missing and lost.
  • The door trim panel fastener is another common part that is used to hold the trim in place. This part is also used in many different areas to hold trim and plastic panels in place.
  • Belt weatherstrip - weatherstripping is usually made out of rubber or silicone which deteriorates over time. If you see cracks or pieces missing in your weatherstripping it's a good idea to replace them.

If you have questions about any of the common Mazda door replacement parts we can help!

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