The 2 Most Common Mazda Door Handle Problems

Are you a Mazda owner with door handle issues? You're not alone. A lot of other Mazda owners have encountered issues with their door handles. Let's discuss the two most common door handle problems plaguing Mazda owners everywhere.

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1. Exterior Door Handle Sticking Open

On some Mazda models (like the 2009 Mazda 6), the exterior door handle is prone to sticking open. That in turn prevents the door from latching and it may cause the door to open while the car is in motion. This problem is so prevalent that Mazda issued a recall for certain Mazda models a few years ago.

2. Interior Door Handle Failing to Engage

Some owners of Mazda's from the early 00s have had their interior door handle quit working without warning. In order to exit their car, they have to either:

  • Roll down the window to open the door from the outside
  • Or exit from another door.

A broken interior door handle can be quite dangerous in an emergency situation.

No one has officially confirmed why this keeps happening. However, some people have figured that the door handle puts a great amount of pressure on a small plastic pin that connects the door lever to the latch. After a while, the small pin gives out and renders the door handle useless.

Replacing Your Mazda Door Handle Assembly

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Image Credit: DFC Garage

If you're a Mazda owner dealing with one of the two issues listed above or another door handle related issue, you probably want to replace your door handle as soon as possible.

Luckily, replacing your Mazda door handle is something you can do at home. It'll take an hour or so of your time, but at least you'll save about 100 bucks in labor. You'll also save money by ordering a replacement door handle online instead of paying inflated prices at a Mazda dealership. As an authorized seller of OEM Mazda parts, we carry genuine OEM Mazda door handles at discounted prices. Check them out here!

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