OEM Vs. Aftermarket Mazda Door Handles

Got a busted door handle on your Mazda? You’re probably wondering if replacing it with an aftermarket unit is a good idea. While there are a few pros to aftermarket door handles, you’d be much better off with an OEM replacement unit. Here’s why:

1. OEM Door Handles Have Exact Fitment

Handle fit

Image Credit: DFC Garage

When it comes to door handles, fitment means everything. A door handle’s job is to help you enter and exit your vehicle and to keep the door locked. A poor-fitting door handle won’t do the job well.

Since OEM door handles are exact replicas of the stock door handles on your car, you won’t have any fitment issues with an OEM replacement door handle.

Aftermarket door handles are rarely built exactly to OE specs. That means there may be fitment issues. This results in the door not always being able to lock and issues entering and exiting the vehicle, both of which compromise your safety.

An Amazon reviewer wrote this review about an aftermarket door handle they had purchased and installed on their car: “You get what you pay for. Have had this [aftermarket door handle] on my car for 6 months and it's already falling apart. I had it professionally installed and the handle opens but it stays open and you have to push it back it to close the door again.”

Sometimes you might even need to modify your car door in order to get an aftermarket door handle to fit well. Even then, there’s still no guarantee that the aftermarket door handle will function properly, which brings us to the next point.

2. OEM Door Handles are Built With Quality Materials

Handle pair

Quality should be a high priority with door handles. Mazda spent a considerable amount of time developing sturdy door handles that will withstand heavy use and all kinds of environments. In OEM door handle assemblies, all of the components are high quality and designed to last.

A big reason why some aftermarket door handles are so cheap is because they’re built with low quality components that break easily. A lot of car owners found out the hard way that getting an aftermarket door handle is actually more expensive in the long run.

An Amazon reviewer was disappointed that their aftermarket door handle broke before they could even install it. They wrote, “[I bought my aftermarket door handle] back in March and waited until the weather was warmer to install it. Which was a mistake on my part due to the 30-day return policy. Tore apart my door to install it and before putting it in I did a little test tug, and the most important part ([the] little plastic bit that held the spring) snapped. Do yourself a favor and just buy the OEM part. It's more expensive but you're paying for quality control.”

Another Amazon reviewer had their aftermarket door handle break only a few weeks after they installed it. They wrote, “There was no binding or noted damage to the handle upon installation. It just snapped. This is an indication of a cheaply made automotive part. I wrote a letter and requested a refund from the seller with no response.”

3. OEM Door Handles Match the Other Door Handles on Your Mazda

If you replace only one door handle with an aftermarket unit, it might not match the rest of the door handles on your car. If your car’s aesthetics is important to you, then you have two options:

  1. Replace the malfunctioning door handle with an OEM unit
  2. Replace all four door handles on your car with aftermarket units

The Bottom Line: OEM Door Handles are Safer and Will Last Longer

OEM door handles will keep your door locked and help you enter and exit your Mazda with ease. Aftermarket door handles? Not so much.

If you’re looking to replace the door handle with an OEM unit, you can check out our catalog of genuine OEM Mazda door handles. We offer great prices and fast shipping.