Miatas That You Can't Miss

The Mazda Miata is one the most popular models in the Mazda lineup. It’s especially popular with those looking for a good vehicle to modify. Here’s a collection of some of the more extreme looking Miatas builds around.

Cant miss miata 1

Take a gander at this crazy rat rod build. There’s a Miata under there somewhere! This Miata sets the bar pretty high for the rest of the list!

Cant miss miata 2

The Miata-Camino is like nothing we’ve seen before!

Cant miss miata 3

Under this strange looking LeMans racer is a 93-94 Miata.

Cant miss miata 4

These drift cars aren’t exactly bizarre, but their custom graphics are hard to miss!

Cant miss miata 5

This Mater-themed Miata is everything.

Cant miss miata 6

We’re only about 90% sure that there’s actually a Miata under there.

Cant miss miata 7

What can we even say about this Miata?

Cant miss miata 8

This car defies everything the Miata is about.

Cant miss miata 9

Can’t decide between a Miata and a Mustang? You’re in luck!

Cant miss miata 10

Someone threw a hood scoop and side pipes on this Miata for an interesting look…

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