4 Awesome Miata Ads

The Miata is a car we can all relate to, in one way or another. When we see the ads, we tend to feel nostalgic because everyone has their own Miata memory, whether they’ve ever owned one or not. In the spirit of celebrating the Mazda Miata, here are four awesome ads that will make you smile today.

Thirty Years Ago, A Roadster Caught Your Eye

This ad from 1990 pulls the nostalgia right out of you, reminding you of that special moment when you first saw a roadster. Featuring a Miata on showcase, this ad is nostalgia within nostalgia. (If you're a Miata fan, you might also like this free download from RealMazdaParts.com.)

An Uninvited Guest

Compliments of Mazda’s Canadian ad department, this ad has a fun twist that we won’t ruin - but it doesn’t end up how you’d think! It starts out with some of the fastest cars in the world lining up, and then a Miata rolls up. It starts pouring down rain, and surprise…

Mazda MX-5 Miata Perfect Balance

This ad is all about balance - showing what happens when you put a Miata with a driver on a seesaw. It explains that the balance is at credit for the car’s exceptional handling, making it the most raced roadster.

Introducing the Mazda Miata

This early ad aims to directly connect the Mazda Miata with “simpler times” as it talks about, what sounds like, the 50s. It would appear that the people over in the ad department had no idea what kind of icon of dynamics, racing, and performance the Miata would become. However, they have stuck with this same theme throughout the years, refining it of course.

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