5 Awesome Wrapped Mazdas

Looking to add a little color and flare to your Mazda? Why don't you “wrap” it!

Due to some recent advances in affordable color printing (well, “recent” as in the last 10 years or so), vehicle wrapping is pretty popular. It's a great tool for adding style and personalization to a vehicle without making permanent changes that can reduce a vehicle's resale value.

Not to mention, wrap design offers almost unlimited options at a relatively low cost. Smaller vehicles can be partially wrapped for a few hundred dollars, with full-body wraps ranging in cost from $1,000-$5,000.

For your consideration, here are some of our favorite wrapped Mazdas.

Talenthouse MX-5 Miata

Wrapped Mazda turquoise

Any list of awesome Mazdas' is probably going to start with a Miata, the best-selling roadster of all time. This wrapped MX-5 is a piece of artwork. It shifts from digital pixels into a skyline featuring skyscrapers. This was a winning design as part of a Talenthouse competition. This MX-5 Miata was on display at the 2015 Goodwood Festival of Speed.

Anime Mazda Speed3

Wrapped Mazda white pink

This Mazda owner decided to turn their MazdaSpeed3 into a tribute to a favorite Anime character. 

Dragon Mazda CX-3

Wrapped Mazda white black 

Image via CX3Forum.com

This wrapped Mazda CX-3, inspired by a Dragon, is bright and colorful. Look close and you can see the shape of the Dragon on the hood and the scales and wings on the side of the CX-3. The shifting purple and orange splashes give this wrapped CX-3 a lot of character.

Mazda2 B-Spec

Wrapped Mazda yellow blue

The smallest car in the Mazda lineup, the Mazda2 doesn't get much respect. This wrapped Mazda2 B-Spec is ready to race. It showcases all the sponsors, driver's name, and charity on the back. This Mazda2 B-Spec comes equipped with a roll cage and other necessary race gear.

Mazda3 Dealership Wrap

Wrapped Mazda red 

Image via Mobilewraps.ca.

This wrapped Mazda3 was built for promoting the Mazda3's features at a dealership. The red and black design makes this wrapped Mazda3 pop. You can also see the wrap shows the structure of the Mazda3 at the front. If you are a gearhead, you'll appreciate this wrap.

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