What Are The Different Components Of A Windshield Wiper?

The windshield wipers are among the easiest parts to maintain and replace on your car. All cars come with a set of windshield wipers. Some cars come with a rear wiper or two, as well.

Repairing or replacing your windshield wipers is a really easy job. So it's pretty pointless to bring your Mazda to a shop to maintain your wipers. You can easily do it at home.

Part of maintaining your windshield wipers is knowing all the components in a wiper. If one of your wipers malfunctions, you can use the knowledge to pinpoint the issue. We put together this guide to help you understand all the components of a windshield wiper.

What Are The Components Of A Windshield Wiper?

Wiper parts

A windshield wiper is a straightforward part. Yet, it relies on several different components that work together:

  • Windshield wiper motor
  • Windshield wiper arm
  • Windshield wiper blade
  • Windshield washer pump

Let's talk about each component in more detail.

Wiper Motor

In most cars, you'll find the windshield wiper motor on the firewall in the engine compartment. It's a small tube-like motor that connects to the wiper arm. Most vehicles have two windshield wipers, so they use a linkage to connect the wiper arms. When you turn on the wipers, you kick the following events into motion:

  1. The switch sends a signal to the wiper motor via the fuse and sometimes a relay.
  2. The motor starts running at the speed set by the switch.
  3. The windshield wiper arm is connected to the motor. When the motor is activated, the wiper arm starts moving back and forth. In doing so, it pulls the blade across the windshield.

Wiper Arm

The wiper arm serves as the connection between the motor and the blade. It's a long stick-like part that:

  • Pivots on one end (the end that connects to the wiper motor)
  • Connects to the wiper blade on the other end

The wiper arm is a long plastic arm with connections at both ends. Sometimes the arm is made of plastic and metal, and some arms have joints that enable the arm to flex. Each Mazda model comes with wiper arms that are designed to work with the car's windshield. Wiper arms go through extensive testing to make sure they do a good job in all air speed and weather conditions. If you need to replace your windshield wiper arm, it's important to get one that's made for your exact Mazda model. A generic arm may lift at higher speeds, creating streaks. Or worse, not cleaning the window at all. Luckily, it's easy to find the right OEM part number. All you need to do is look up your Mazda in our catalog of wiper arms.

Wiper Blade

OEM mazda wiper blade

The blade is the part that wipes your windshield. It's a plastic and rubber part that connects to the wiper arm. The rubber part stays in contact with the windshield at all times. The plastic part serves as the backing, and it connects to the wiper arm.

When you activate the windshield wipers, the wiper arms drag the blades back and forth across the windshield. The rubber part wipes the moisture and debris off the windshield. This helps maintain the driver's visibility.

Wiper blades are the disposable part of the assembly. The rubber part wears out over time. Depending on how often you use your wiper blades, you should replace them every 6-12 months.

If you're looking for replacement wiper blades, look no further. We're authorized sellers of genuine OEM Mazda parts, including wiper blades. Look up your Mazda in our catalog of wiper blades!

Windshield Washer Pump

The windshield washer pump is not attached to the wiper arms, but it works with the wipers. When you spray windshield washer fluid all over the windshield, the vehicle activates the wipers. This way, the vehicle cleans the windshield on the road.

The windshield cleaning system is simple. It contains two major components:

  • Windshield washer fluid reservoir
  • Windshield washer pump

The reservoir stores the washer fluid. When activated, the pump draws the fluid out of the reservoir and then sprays it on the windshield. If you're certain that there's washer fluid in the reservoir, but the fluid isn't being sprayed on your windshield, the pump may be the problem. In that case, you would need to replace the pump. You'll save a lot of money by ordering a genuine OEM replacement washer pump from us. We offer wholesale pricing for a variety of OEM Mazda parts.