How You Should Spend a Grand On Your Mazda

You love your Mazda and want to get the most out of it - in years, mileage, and utility. Maybe it’s more power you want or more space; but either way, you have a budget and you want to stick with it. So if you had just $1,000 to spend on your Mazda, how should you use your money to make your Mazda “better?" Here are some of the best ways to spend money on your Mazda:

Winter Wheels and Tires

Winter kit

This might not be the most exciting project but a good set of dedicated winter wheels and tires mean you can own the roads all year round. All-season tires are great but unlike the name, they’re not exactly meant for any kind of weather. If you live in an area with intense weather conditions, dedicated winter tires on a smaller size steel wheel means you won’t get snowed in. While this expense will eat up your entire $1,000 budget, it also means you’ll put wear on both sets of tires. It’ll be quite some time before you have to invest in new rubber moving forward.

Window Tint

Window tint

Let’s just start this one off by mentioning that you should never tint darker than legally allowed in your area because you’ll get fined if you do. Having said this, professional window tinting is something most people wish they had done sooner. You can increase your privacy (and even your safety in some cases!) and reduce the amount of blinding sunlight coming in from your side and back windows.

Cold Air Intake


Cold air intakes offer a unique way for intake air to enter the engine with a high level of efficiency. By moving the air intake away from the engine, you allow colder air to make its way into the intake manifold. Colder air means more oxygen dense air. Cold air intakes also allow for greater levels of air to enter the intake manifold as an added benefit. The result is better throttle response, a little bump in power, and somewhat improved fuel economy.

Tow Hitch and Receiver


A tow hitch can come in handier than you can imagine - unless you’ve needed one and haven’t had one - then you already know how handy it is. These systems will allow you to pull trailers, carts, or install a hitch mounted bike rack. Remember that if you install a hitch and receiver, you can still only tow and haul what your vehicle will withstand. Refer to your owner’s manual for tolerance before you overdo it.

Roof Rack

Roof rack

Roof racks come in handy for luggage, bikes, ski equipment, and so on. They allow you to move any type of cargo or gear to the roof without scratching the paint. Be sure to refer to your owner’s manual for cargo and hauling tolerances because a roof rack doesn’t increase hauling load ratings by any means.

Lower It


There’s hardly a vehicle out there that doesn’t look just a little bit better lowered. Most lowering springs accept the shocks already on your vehicle, so it’s not as expensive to lower your Mazda as you may think.

Clear Bra

Clear bra

The front end of your Mazda can meet some harsh elements that will seriously damage the paint. A clear bra can protect against a lot of these elements. You can get one without changing the appearance of your Mazda or requiring any permanent modifications.

Upgrade Your Sound System


This is an especially gratifying investment if you have an older Mazda with an outdated stereo. Not to say that the sound system wasn’t premium for the time, but an early 90s system isn’t gong to have quite the quality of a modern system. There are tons of options out there for direct replacement of the speakers, amp, subs, etc. — or just upgrade individual compatible components.

Fix All the Leaks and Squeaks


If you are having any issues with your Mazda, fixing them now will save you time and money down the line. A small problem can get pretty major if you let it go, so don’t! For example, a small radiator hose leak can easily lead to overheating. Or an oil pan gasket leak can lead to the depletion of oil, which will ruin the internal components of your engine sooner rather than later.

Any of these investments, or a combination of a few, will help you get more from your Mazda. They’re practical and can most at-home mechanics can do them. Visit our Facebook page and tell us what you’d do if you had $1,000 to spend on your Mazda.