10 RX-8s We Wish We Could Drive

A (relatively) affordable and easy to modify vehicle, the Mazda RX-8 is a popular option for aftermarket enthusiasts. The styling is unique, the handling is excellent, and the rotary engine has a quite a following.

As a result, there are a number of interesting RX-8s rolling around that are worthy of some attention. Check out these 10 RX-8s that we’d love to drive:

Kamikaze RX-8

Kamikaze rx8

The Kamikaze RX-8 boasts up to 360 hp and has a black hood that gives it a race-ready look. All this could be yours if you have 16 weeks and a good chunk of change to spare.

Speaker City

Speaker rx8

Let’s step away from the world of horsepower for a second and talk about sound. The custom speaker job in this RX-8 would have you bouncing to the beat of your own drum if you’d let it.

Orange and the New Black

Orange black rx8

The custom body kit and paint job on this RX-8 is scary good and highlights the potential of what you can do with yours.

Burn-Out in Burnt Orange

Spoiler rx8

SPOILER ALERT: The custom job on this RX-8 makes us want to get behind the wheel and try it out for ourselves. How about you?

Black and Blue

Blk blue rx8

Sometimes simple is the way to go. Just check out this 2-tone RX-8 complete with a slick paint job and a badgeless grille.

Matte Finish

Matte rx8

The matte finish on this RX-8 gives it a sporty look perfect for cruising through the city or hitting the open road.

Gold Wheels

Gold wheel rx8

If the glint of the golden wheels didn’t catch your eye, then surely the custom paint job did.

Black Night

Black night rx8

There’s just enough red and gray on this custom job to make the all-around paint job look sinister yet stylish.


Lifted rx8

The lift on this Mazda is interesting to say the least. Would you do this to an RX-8?


Graffiti rx8

What we have here is a custom piece of art that’s been meticulously crafted over something that desperately needed some color. Oh, and the graffiti is cool, too.