How to Reprogram Your Mazda 3 Key and Fob

Losing the keys to your Mazda 3 can be a bigger ordeal than you may realize. Lost keys can even end up with your your Mazda being towed to the local dealership - then on top of that having to pay them to program a new set of keys. Ironically, that could mean that if you do find your old keys, they will not work since the dealership reprogrammed your car. Between the towing and the reprogramming, losing your keys is hardly an inexpensive ordeal. It may be best that you know how to reprogram your own keys to your Mazda.

Reprogram Your Mazda Keys

In order for you to have a spare key that will start the car, you need to start with two working keys -- or you will have to take the car to the Mazda dealership. This keeps unauthorized people from making copies of your keys. Many people recommend that you have three working keys to start off with just to be able to reprogram the keys if needed.

Here's How To Reprogram Your Key:

  1. Place the first working key into the slot. Set the ignition to the ON position. Leave it in for five seconds, and then remove the key.
  2. Repeat with the second working key.
  3. Place the new or spare key into the slot. Set the ignition to the ON position. Leave it in for five seconds, and then set the ignition to the OFF position. The new key has now had its information added to the vehicle’s computer and will allow it to start the car in the future. Test it before you put the key away.

Reprogram Your Mazda FOB

Mazda key fob

In order to begin, you need all of the FOBs that you would like to enable for your vehicle. There is a three FOB limit set by Mazda, so only program up to three.

  1. Start by opening the driver’s side door.
  2. Use the lock button to lock and unlock the door and leave the door open.
  3. Place your key in the ignition and set it to the ON position. Wait two or three seconds before turning it off. Do this two more times for a total of three times. Do not remove the key. You want to leave it in the slot in the OFF position.
  4. Next, you need to shut the driver’s side door. Then you will open it, shut it, open it, shut it and then open it again. You will shut it and open it for a total of three times.
  5. Next the vehicle’s computer will lock and unlock the doors. When you hear the doors lock and unlock, you know you have done this correctly, and the vehicle is ready to accept the programming for the FOB.
  6. In order to program it into the computer, you must press a button on each FOB unit.
  7. When you have completed the programming of the FOBs, you can remove the key. The computer will send the door locks through their cycle again.

All of these programming tasks can be done in under a few minutes without the tow bill. If these things do not work, you may need to take your vehicle to your local dealership.