Popular Mazda3 Accessories

Whether you’ve had your Mazda3 for a short time or a long time, it’s never too late to accessorize it. If you’re looking for the best Mazda3 accessories, we have the list for you. Check out these accessories that will enhance your car’s appearance and/or your driving experience:

1. Roof Rack

OEM mazda3 roof rack

You don’t need a truck or an SUV to haul cargo and toys. Your Mazda3 is up for the task! That is, if you have a roof rack on your car. The good news is you can grab an OEM roof rack and install it on your car.

We carry a bunch of OEM roof racks for Mazda3 cars (at wholesale pricing):

2. Splash Guards

OEM mazda3 splash guards

Whether you want to improve your car’s appearance or protect your car from road debris, get a set of splash guards. A set of OEM splash guards will protect your paint finish from rocks and road debris. Plus, they look quite stylish! Check out all the OEM splash guards we have for Mazda3 cars!

3. Exhaust Tips

OEM mazda3 exhaust tips

The Mazda3 exhaust system sports a subtle look, almost too subtle. If you'd like to add some style to your car's rear, you can add exhaust tips. They'll make your car's exhaust much more noticeable. A pair of chrome exhaust tips, for example, will provide a distinctive appearance. If you ask us, exhaust tips are one of the best affordable Mazda3 mods.

4. Sunshade

OEM mazda3 sun shade

If you park your Mazda3 outdoors often, then a sunshade will make a world of difference. It won't only shield your car's interior from nosy passersby, but it'll also protect your car. It'll reduce the temperature of your car's interior and protect your seats and other items from harmful UV rays.

Look up your Mazda3 in our catalog of OEM sunshades. We offer them in a variety of colors and styles!

5. Floor Mats

OEM mazda3 floor mats

Does your Mazda3's carpet get dirty fast? If so, you may want a set of floor mats. They'll protect your car's carpet from dirt, mud, spilled drinks, etc. There are two different types of floor mats:

  1. Carpet floor mats
  2. All season floor mats

We have a large selection of OEM carpet and all season floor mats for Mazda3 cars.