What Is An Oil Filter And Why Is It Important?

One of the most common causes of engine failure is dirty oil. A good oil filter prevents that problem. It’s your responsibility as a car owner to replace the oil filter when needed. To help you better understand Mazda oil filters, here’s a write-up on the part.

What Is An Oil Filter?

OEM filter

To maximize your engine’s health and efficiency, Mazda put an oil filter between the oil pan and the engine. What is it, though? In general, oil filters are small canisters that are the same size as a soup can. Inside the oil filter housing is a pleated filter.

Take a minute to check out this catalog of OEM oil filters (which you can get for wholesale prices!) You’ll see that each part number has its own design, but the general design is the same.

What Does An Oil Filter Do?

An oil filter cleans the motor oil before sending it to the engine. Without an oil filter, your engine would get dirty oil. That would lead to lots of engine damage.

When the engine is running, motor oil is pumped from the oil pan through the filter to the engine. The process is pretty simple, but it’s crucial to your engine’s longevity. Clean oil is thin and slippery enough to lubricate all the parts in your engine. The dirtier and thicker the oil gets, the less it’s able to lubricate the parts in the engine. Engine components that are non-lubricated or under-lubricated will get damaged over time. This may lead to a seized engine, or at least expensive repairs.

How Often Do You Need To Replace Your Oil Filter?

Replace filter

You should replace the oil filter at every oil change. Many years ago, people could replace their oil filter every other time the oil was changed. Basically, the filter lasted longer than the oil did. But these days, oil has improved, so oil change intervals are longer. This makes it necessary to change your filter at every oil change.

Why Quality Matters

You can't really tell if an oil filter is clogged unless you cut it open. And you can't judge the quality of the filter before you use it. You just have to trust that the filter is well made. If you've got to trust a part that you can't inspect, OEM is the way to go. OEM Mazda oil filters are known for quality and reliability. To be more specific:

  • Mazda makes its oil filters with a strong and durable housing that can withstand high oil pressures
  • All Mazda oil filters have high quality pleated filter material that is designed for the oil that your engine needs.
  • Mazda oil filters have enough filter material so they won't clog before the next oil change.
  • OEM Mazda oil filters come with exactly the correct dimensions to ensure a perfect fit.

If you want a reliable oil filter, get an OEM one. You can even order one online at rock bottom prices! As authorized sellers of OEM Mazda parts, we offer wholesale pricing for all oil filters. Gets yours today!