Are Mazda OEM Windshield Wipers Better Than Aftermarket?

Do you have windshield wipers that need replacing? If so, you have two options:

  1. OEM replacement windshield wipers
  2. Aftermarket replacement windshield wipers

It can be hard to decide between the two. Which type will last longer? Which type delivers the most value for your money?

If you ask us, OEM wipers are a much better investment than aftermarket wipers. OEM wipers may cost a little more upfront (but not always). Yet, OEM wipers cost less money in the long run. It’s because they last much longer than aftermarket wipers. OEM wipers also perform much better than aftermarket ones do.

Why are OEM wipers better than aftermarket wipers? A couple reasons:

1. Mazda Builds Its OEM Wipers With Quality Materials

Mazda takes great care to build all its parts with quality materials. That includes the wiper blades. They use:

  • High quality rubber blades
  • Sturdy plastic backing
  • Tabs and clasps that won’t break off

Most of all, Mazda is sure to use materials that won’t wear out from being outdoors all the time. For this reason, OEM Mazda wipers last a long time.

You can’t say the same about aftermarket windshield wipers. Many aftermarket manufacturers cut corners by using cheap materials. It’s not uncommon for aftermarket wipers to fail early. Sometimes the rubber blade wears out fast. Sometimes the plastic backing breaks off easily. Sometimes the tabs and clasps break off during installation or while in use.

Amazon has lots of negative reviews about the material quality of aftermarket wipers. We rounded up a few:

  • "After one month of use, the locking mechanism on the top failed to stay closed. Every time the wipers are engaged, the clasp opens, allowing the wiper to potentially come loose."
  • "The passenger side wiper actually flew out of the wiper arm while [I was] doing 60 mph in a rain storm. This was the blade with the faulty clasp secured (the other blade clasp does not fasten at all). I really think that the NTSB should outlaw this dangerous junk."
  • "I would never buy these [aftermarket wipers] again. The plastic locking piece broke as I installed them."

2. OEM Wipers Have The Right Dimensions And It Matters

mazda wiper blade refill

When you’re driving in bad weather, a good set of wipers makes a huge difference in your safety. You can’t always rely on aftermarket wipers to provide clear visibility in bad weather. Many aftermarket wipers don't keep the windshield clear. It's because they’re not designed right.

Many aftermarket wipers come with a universal design. That's a big problem. Each vehicle needs windshield wipers with:

  • The right length and width
  • The right curvature to match the curvature of the windshield
  • The right tabs and clamps to secure attachment to the wiper arms

Aftermarket wipers don’t always come with all of the above. Some of the most common complaints about aftermarket wipers include:

  • Leaving streaks across the windshield
  • Too long/too short/too bulky
  • Difficult to install

Drivers experience these problems with aftermarket wipers because of poor fitment. We rounded up a few reviews from Amazon:

  • "When it rained, these aftermarket wipers left streaks on my windshield and made driving difficult in the dark."
  • "Don't waste your money on [these aftermarket wipers]. They don't put enough pressure on the blade to touch the whole windshield."

OEM wipers are direct replacement parts. That means you never have to worry about poor fitment. All OEM wipers come with the right dimensions for the model(s) they’re built for. When you get OEM wipers for your Mazda model, you’re getting wipers made to the specs of your vehicle. That means:

  • OEM wipers are the right length and width for your windshield
  • OEM wipers are easy to install because the tabs and clamps line up with the wiper arms
  • OEM wipers fit the curvature of your windshield
  • OEM wipers will always keep your windshield clear (no streaks)

How To Find The Right Windshield Wipers For Your Mazda Model

OEM mazda blades

OEM wipers have another advantage over aftermarket ones. It’s the fact that Mazda makes it very easy to find the right wipers for your model. Mazda has many different variations of its wiper blades. Each variation fits a certain model.

To find the right part number for your car, look up your Mazda model in our catalog of OEM wiper blades.

You can also opt to replace only the rubber part. We offer OEM wiper blade refills for a variety of Mazda models. Here are a couple of our best sellers:

Please contact us if you need help finding the right part number for your Mazda model.