Must-Have Accessories For Your Miata

Maybe you’ve had your Miata for a few years now, or maybe it’s new (or at least new to you) - and you want to know what accessories you should buy for it. Thankfully, Mazda offers a pretty awesome selection of Miata parts in their accessory lineup, so you have plenty to choose from. Here are our top picks for must-get Mazda Miata accessories.

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Exact-Fit Car Cover

Miata car cover

If you don’t have a garage to keep your Mazda in, you can still preserve its appearance and protect it with a car cover made for your Miata. OEM covers are the best choice since they are made exactly for your car’s shape and size to perfectly protect it from the elements. Protect it well enough, and who knows? Maybe it'll be a classic collector's item one day.

Emergency Kit

Roadside kit

You don’t plan on being stranded or getting a flat tire in the middle of nowhere. Even if you have roadside assistance, it’s better that you’re prepared — so keep emergency equipment on hand. You should have a roadside toolkit and flat tire belt in your Miata at all times.

Floor Mats

Miata floor mats

After a few years, your Miata’s floor mats may have been stained and worn, which is better than that happening to the carpet, but it can make the interior look rough. By replacing the floor mats, you can make your interior look tons better, even if the carpet underneath is ratty from wear and tear. Since OEM floor mats are made for your floor, they look and fit much better. They also come in different colors if you want to add a two-toned look to your interior without replacing hard parts.

License Plate Frame

Miata frame

Since most people get the rear view of your Miata. Give them something nice to look at with a custom license plate frame. It will be like rubbing salt in the wound when they can’t seem to catch you on the track or pass you on the street.

Remote Start Kit

Remote start

If you’ve ever gotten into your car and it wasn’t at an ideal temperature, or the windows were fogged up, you’ll appreciate a remote start. Basically, you can start your Miata outside of the car — most do it to either warm their car up or cool it down, and defrost the windows.

These are just a few accessories that Miata owners purchase, especially when they own older models that need a little something extra. Check out these and more in our exterior accessory catalog.