Mazdaspeed 6 Shocks Spectators When It Beats A McLaren

The Mazdaspeed 6 is a bad boy sedan that packs quite a punch! Not to mention, it responds really well to mods, as proven by this track dominating Mazdaspeed 6. With a turbo on a built engine and basic bolt-ons, this means Mazdaspeed 6 has an easy time taking down a car worth over $200k!

Watch it slay the McLaren 650S and declare victory for underdogs everywhere!

Check out this alternative view.

Watch as it takes a victory drive from the track turn off.

Obviously, this isn’t the first time this Mazdaspeed 6 has seen the track, there’s a good collection of videos out there of it putting up a fight:

Like this race where it races its own kind and makes a low 12-second pass.

A higher 12.19 pass as it races a Golf 7R can be seen in this video.

It breaks the pattern of lower times when pitted against faster cars when it pulls an 11.81 against a Mazdaspeed 3.

There’s no information on times for this one, but it’s definitely moving.

This car will definitely make you think twice before overlooking the Mazdaspeed 6 for being "just another sedan." It could very well be one of the best sleeper cars around, and we've got the part numbers for you here, too.