5 Times The Mazda5 Broke Minivan Cliches

The compact minivan by Mazda, the Mazda5 has been around for a few years now. It’s proven its worth as a passenger hauler and family car, but what else can it offer?

These five Mazda 5s prove that it’s more than just a minivan.

black Mazda5 cliche

This sinister Mazda5 has a definite element of intimidation. Between the dark tinted windows, silk black paint job, and blacked-out wheels, it looks killer. It’s simple, clean, dropped, and a little scary looking — what more could one want?

Mazda5 vinyl minivan

Made up for SEMA, this Mazda 5 concept is impressive. Dubbed at the Mazda5 Mazda Raceway Language Seca Support Vehicle. Included in the makeover are lowering springs with height-adjustable perches. It’s set up to handle a variety of performance situations. It also has visual upgrades like 19” R3-spec forged wheels, graphics, and other additions.

blue custom Mazda5

This slammed Mazda5 is much closer to the ground than most minivans go. The bodykit and wheels give it a nice finished look. Otherwise, there’s not a lot of work, unless stickers count.

black modded Mazda5

You might enjoy this Mazda5, or you might hate it. Either way, it shows that the Mazda5 can do stance with the best of ‘em.

silver Mazda5 mod

This Mazda5 has been seen around a few places. It’s referred to as race-prepped. It’s powered by a Mazdaspeed 3 engine swap. It definitely looks fast and race-ready!

Which one of these Mazda5s has you the most inspired? Maybe stock is the way you like it, and that’s fine too! With the right Mazda5 parts and care, you’ll have a great vehicle for many years to come.