Mazda2 Evil Track Puts The Fear On The Competition

The Mazda2 Evil Track is one sweet build. It’s a concept that made its rounds after showing up at SEMA a few years ago. Basically, it’s the Mazda2’s evil twin, hence the name. It’s easy to see why people haven’t forgotten about this concept since 2010.

Mazda2 Evil Track 1

Mazda2 Evil Track 3

The appearance alone makes us want to get in and drive.

Mazda2 Evil Track 4

It’s outfitted with side skirts, front and rear air dams, and a carbon fiber spoiler.

Mazda2 Evil Track 5

More importantly, this car is built for series racing, make no mistake about it.

Mazda2 Evil Track 6

It’s interior is completely stripped and equipped with safety equipment to meet sanctioning regulations.

Mazda2 Evil Track 7

It has the quintessential track wheels and hoosier tires.

Mazda2 Evil Track 8

It’s also sitting on a purpose built race suspension.

Mazda2 Evil Track 9

A race-tuned Magnaflow exhaust boosts power.

Mazda2 Evil Track 10

Everything about this car screams “Get in and drive me"! Would you? What’s your favorite Mazda build? Tell us on our Facebook page here. And make sure to pick up the Mazda2 parts you need to make your Mazda perform the way you want here.