Tips For Using A Mazda Touch Up Paint Pen

Genuine OEM Mazda touch up paint pens work quite well. That is, if you use one the right way. All OEM Mazda touch up pens come with instructions. Yet, we thought it would be helpful to provide some useful tips on using a touch up pen. Following our tips will increase the chances of the paint job looking as good as possible.

An Overview Of Using A Mazda Touch Up Paint Pen

Mazda touch up pen use

Let’s start with a general overview of using a Mazda touch up paint pen. Instructions are usually specific, but you’ll get step-by-step instructions with your paint pen anyway. We’ll include a general overview to give you an idea of what the process is like.

  1. Use an adhesive remover or alcohol to clean the area that’s being painted. (If you don’t clean the area, the new paint won’t stick to the car.)
  2. Apply the paint pen to the damaged area. Try your best to match the amount of paint in the surrounding area. Apply the paint in a light layer. You’ll add more coats later on.
  3. Let dry.
  4. Paint again - more than once if needed - until the paint evenly coats the scratch.

If you’re brave, and if you know how to wet sand, you can try something a bit different. Apply as much paint as you want, let dry, and then wet sand the paint away until it’s even and smooth. Wet sanding is not for beginners, though. It’s a skill you need to learn and practice.

Useful Tips On Using Touch Up Paint On Your Mazda

mazda paint pen

The following tips will make the project so much easier for you. The end result will likely look much better, too.

  • Go slow. Allow each coat of paint to dry completely. Don’t rush through the job.
    Apply the paint with small strokes. This helps ensure that the paint stays even.
  • Don’t press the paint pen too hard, or too much paint will come out. This can mess up the texture. You want your paint job to end up even and smooth, not thick and bumpy.
  • Use masking tape to cover the surrounding area. For example, if the damaged paint is next to the bumper, cover the bumper with tape to avoid getting paint on it.
  • Practice makes perfect. Practice painting with the pen on scrap metal before using it on your car.
  • Use a genuine OEM Mazda paint pen. Aftermarket paint pens don’t always match the existing paint on cars. You want to use an OEM paint pen because you’ll be using the exact same color as the color that came with your car. For example, this OEM touch up paint pen comes in Mazda’s unique Snowflake White Pearl color. You’d be very hard-pressed to find an aftermarket pen that comes in this exact color.
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