Mazda Cabin Air Filter Buyer's Guide

Does your Mazda have a cabin air filter? This buyer’s guide has all the information you need. We’ll answer the 3 most common questions Mazda owners have about cabin air filters.

What Is A Cabin Air Filter?

OEM filter

A cabin air filter is a pleated filter. It filters the air going into your cabin. Depending on your Mazda model, your cabin air filter has one of the following shapes:

  • Square
  • Rectangle
  • Odd shape

The cabin air filter is usually behind the dashboard and the glove box area.  A functioning cabin air filter keeps the air inside your cabin clean.

Check out this article for a more thorough explanation of cabin air filters.

OEM Vs Aftermarket Cabin Air Filters

When it’s time to replace your cabin air filter, you have two options:

  1. Buy an aftermarket cabin air filter online or from an auto parts store
  2. Order a genuine OEM cabin air filter from a Mazda dealer or a reputable Mazda parts seller

One option offers much more value than the other one. It’s the second option: using an OEM cabin air filter. Here’s why:

  • OEM cabin air filters are built with durable materials.
  • OEM cabin filters are direct replacements, meaning the fitment is always correct.
  • OEM cabin air filters come with deep pleats that are packed tight.
  • OEM cabin air filters last much longer than aftermarket cabin air filters.

This comparison guide offers more insight into why OEM cabin air filters are always a wise investment.

When To Replace A Mazda Cabin Air Filter

The average replacement interval for a cabin air filter is between 12K and 15K miles. Your cabin air filter may last longer or not as long, depending on the conditions outside. This diagnostic guide outlines the proper way to check your cabin air filter. To sum it up, you have to pull out the cabin air filter and then give it a thorough visual inspection.

We hope that this guide has helped you understand cabin air filters better. If you still have any questions about cabin air filters, please contact us.