Mazda Bluetooth Not Working

Connecting your phone or other mobile device to your Mazda via Bluetooth is a wonderful way to boost entertainment and take phone calls without having to take your hands off the wheel. However, when Bluetooth connectivity issues arise, it can be very distracting and frustrating. There are few common culprits to suspect when your Bluetooth is not working properly in your Mazda — here’s a quick guide to figure out what’s going on.

Mazda bluetooth 1

Connection Problems

One of the most commonly reported Mazda Bluetooth issues is getting the device to connect to the system initially. Be aware that not all mobile devices are made to mate with your car’s system. Make sure you are using a Bluetooth compatible device.

Other connection issues happen when the car’s system cannot decode the device to connect with it. This basically means the system isn't recognizing the name. This frequently happens right after you update the software on a device. If your device worked fine before but all the sudden stops connecting after an upgrade, it’s likely a software issue with your mobile device.

Mazda bluetooth 2

Connections that Keep Dropping

Another common problem is connections dropping without purposefully disconnecting. When this happens regularly, it may be a software issue. This problem is pretty common with certain smartphones and you should return to the place you bought your phone for further help. Otherwise, check the wires and connections on your car’s Bluetooth kit — do this especially if you lose connection when hitting potholes or going over speed bumps.

Audio Doesn't Work

If your device will connect, but you can’t hear anything, there’s an issue with the stereo’s connection to the Bluetooth unit itself. This is almost always a software issue and you should check for updates if this is happening.

The Settings Are Off

Much of the time, if your car battery has died, the Bluetooth settings will go back to default. This means your current settings will be wiped and will have to be reset, not just in your car but with your mobile device as well.

If you still cannot pinpoint the issue, taking your Mazda to the dealership you bought it from is the next logical step. They will be able to check the Bluetooth unit for defects and keep you informed about any software bugs that have been reported by other drivers.

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