How To Decode A Mazda VIN

Every vehicle comes with its own unique vehicle identification number (VIN). No two cars have the same VIN. Each VIN has a set of important information about the vehicle to which it’s assigned.

If you decode your Mazda’s VIN, you’ll learn some information about it, such as:

  • Where your vehicle was manufactured
  • Your vehicle’s trim level
  • Your engine type
  • Type of transmission
  • The kind of brake system your vehicle uses
  • More

We have a Mazda VIN decoder you can use to learn more information about your vehicle. You can also decode it manually.

Where To Find Your VIN

Mazda vin location

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Your Mazda’s VIN is pretty much everywhere. You can find your car’s VIN in the following places:

  • Your car’s title
  • Your car’s registration
  • The dash on the driver’s side (on a stamped metal plate)
  • The interior portion of the driver’s door frame

How To Decode Your Mazda’s VIN Manually

Decode Mazda VIN

Your VIN has three different sections:

  1. World Manufacturer Identifier (WMI)
  2. Vehicle Descriptor Section (VDS)
  3. Vehicle Identifier Section (VIS)

Let’s talk about each one:

World Manufacturer Identifier

This section contains the first three characters of your VIN. This section covers where your vehicle was manufactured, and who manufactured it. Let’s break down the characters:

  • 1st character: Country where the vehicle was manufactured (for example, the letter J stands for Japan)
  • 2nd character: Manufacturer (M stands for Mazda)
  • 3rd character: Vehicle type (car, truck, SUV, etc.)

Vehicle Descriptor Section

This section contains characters 4-8. It provides a description of the vehicle, including its drivetrain, model, and more. Let’s break it down:

  • 4th character: Drivetrain (automatic or manual)
  • 5th-7th characters: Model and trim level
  • 8th character: Engine type

Between the VDS and the next section (VIS), there’s a single digit called the check digit. It’s a security code that verifies the legitimacy of the VIN. This digit is the result of an equation created by Mazda. If this digit is incorrect, then the VIN is fake.

Vehicle Identifier Section

The Vehicle Identifier Section (VIS) is the last section of your VIN. It contains the 10th-17th characters. It’s your vehicle’s unique number. No other vehicle has the same VIS as yours. The first character in this section (the 10th character in your VIN) stands for your vehicle’s model year. The next character (11th character) stands for the plant that assembled your vehicle. The next 6 characters make up your vehicle’s unique production sequence number.

Do you have any questions about decoding your Mazda’s VIN? Feel free to fill out our contact form! We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.