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Mazda Navajo

The Mazda Navajo was Mazda’s first off-road vehicle, and you like that you can take it anywhere you can find adventure. You keep your Navajo in good condition and make sure that all your maintenance is taken care of and worn out parts are replaced.

Maintenance and Lubrication - You replace the serpentine belt and idler pulley at the mileage that Mazda recommends, and you do the regular oil and filter change. We carry all of those parts, as well as transmission filter, pan gasket, air filter and fuel filter for your Navajo.

Cooling System - It is important to keep the cooling system on your Mazda Navajo in good working condition or risk being stranded off-road somewhere. You will want to check the serpentine belt, fan clutch, radiator hoses and water pump to make sure that your parts are all in working order. We carry all your cooling system parts.

Front Suspension - Going off-road means that you want a good ride through the underbrush. You can get a good ride from your Navajo by taking care of the suspension components like the joint assembly, boots and bearings. We carry other parts like wheels, brakes and shocks.

When you take your Navajo out for a weekend, you want it to be at its best. That is why you use genuine OEM Mazda parts only when you replace any of your parts. carries those OEM parts, so order yours today!